Intro to The Puck Drops Here

Hello, my name is Derek Blackman, and  this is my hockey blog The Puck Drops Here.

I decided to create this blog to post about, well, hockey. In this blog, you will find analytical views of all 30 NHL teams, their players, what system the teams run, how long they have been in existence, interesting facts, and so on.

A little about me, to begin with: I was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1995. I was raised in a family that was divided on sports: my grandmother disliked football, but she loved the New York Yankees. My grandfather was a Mets fan, but he liked football also. His team was, you guessed it, the J-E-T-S- Jets, Jets, Jets! My mom was the oddball of the family; she was a Yankees fan, a Giants fan, and Isles fan. My team fandom is compromised of different teams; the Rangers, Yanks, and Chicago Bulls.

I became a Rangers fan just in spite of my mom, I guess you could say. It also has a little rivalry to it when I can say, “Hey, mom, the Isles lost to the Rangers!” Or, if the Isles have a down season, and the Rangers, as expected, have a great season “Guess who’s not going to the playoffs this year?” “Your Isles aren’t!”

Concluding my introductory post, I hope you have enjoyed this.


3 thoughts on “Intro to The Puck Drops Here

      1. Thanks Derek and congrats on this me and you have talked lots of sports over past two years and enjoy our different takes on things


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